Lettuce Play Music, conveniently located in the heart of Orland Park’s shopping district, is focused on laying a foundation of musical education and enjoyment that will last a lifetime.

Private Lessons

Lettuce Play Music offers instruction for all ages, levels of experience and styles of music, both instrumental and vocal. We offer a distinctive curriculum designed to meet our students’ needs, enabling them to gain the skills they need to perform and enjoy music for a lifetime.

We believe that private lessons are the best way to learn to play an instrument. During our 30 minute lessons, our students learn at their own pace, getting the individual one-on-one individual attention that best suits their individual needs. The curriculum is designed to build on their strengths while overcoming their weaknesses, and our instructors are college-educated, with years of experience performing professionally.

Lettuce’s Little Learners

Early in 2012, Lettuce Play Music will be introducing its "Lettuce’s Little Learners" program, designed to sow the seeds of creativity and spark the imagination of our budding musicians.

Our program, taught by a professional speech language pathologist, introduces music and speech to children from infancy to 3.5 years of age.

Studies show that music improves the development of children's speech, reading, math and science skills. Exposure to musical instruction at an early age fosters cognitive and academic growth, regardless if the child will continue studying music later in life.

All instruction delivered in our Little Learners program has been designed to provide a safe and cheerful place for the children to play and learn.

Children will love making music along with their parent (or other grown-up). We sing songs from different cultures. We learn songs of contrasting tonalities, moods, and meters. Children will also participate in finger plays, wiggling and tickling activities, body awareness songs and bouncing songs to experience the joy of playing together. Lots of movement in part of this class, enabling children to feel the beat of the music and learn spatial awareness while enhancing their gross motor skills and coordination.

Activities include singing, dancing, focused listening and simple instrument playing, creating an environment in which the child's musical aptitude  is nurtured and skills are developed. Occasional use of drums and hoops enhance playtime. Patterns continue as part of every class to shape listening skills and acquaint the child with the rhythms of music. Dancing with scarves and hiding games are also part of the fun. Parent (or other grown-up) and child enjoy a time of bonding, playing and music-making!